Welcome to Quantitative Systems. Quantitative Systems is an executive technology search firm that focuses on finding the best technical talent.  We focus our resources on finding the most talented software engineers in the world across multiple industries.

We are experts at identifying the best software developers in the world.  We are always searching for programmers who are talented in any of the major object oriented languages: such as Java, C++, C#, or Ruby on Rails.

Quantitative Systems has a practice that is dedicated to Quantitative trading.  This particular part of Quantitative Systems focuses on finding software development professionals that have a keen interest and understanding of the financial markets and systematic trading.  Quantitative Trading has been defined as the systematic implementation of trading strategies that human beings create through rigorous research where as systematic is defined as a disciplined, methodological, and/or automated approach.  We support many software and infrastructure related positions throughout the field of finance.

Quantitative Systems also has a dedicated search practice for each Media, Start-ups, and Technology companies.  Since the lines between media, start-up and technology can blur at times, we just make sure we find the best software developers on the planet for our clients.



  • Most recruiters I’ve worked with simply forward the first 2-3 candidates that come across their desk and you never hear from them again. The recruiters at QS are entirely different, they are an extension of my own team.

    Human Resources Director, New York, NY.

  • Quantitative systems helped me with my job search. I then referred a friend and they gave me an iPad for doing so.

    CMU Graduate, Pittsburgh, PA.

  • I was surprised by how quickly they were able to set up a phone interview, and in not so much time I was heading out to a day long on-site interview. A few days after I received a great offer for a front office software development position...

    Software Engineer, Jersey City, NJ.

  • When I talked to Quantitative Systems I knew they were serious -- I was being connected with interviews with big-name firms like JPM, Goldman, Morgan Stanley, and various hedge funds. Now I have a great job at an investment bank with minimal effort!

    Software Engineer, New York.

  • Working with QS was a pleasure and greatly simplified my life, since I was working on finishing my thesis. My recruiter dealt with the client, reviewed my resume and suggested improvements, and handled all aspects of the job application process...

    PHD Candidate, Seattle, WA.


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