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Sometimes your company needs the services of an expert, but not as a full-time employee.

Expanding your human capital

For most of our tech-driven business partners, these needs arise in the area of human capital. They need experts who can help them maximize their business operations by helping them create, establish, and implement best practices guidelines that will increase efficiency and enhance communication. Other times, our clients many need experts to help them handle unusual business situations or developments, which may range from help with mergers or acquisitions to help handling lawsuits or employee training scenarios.

In-house consulting services

At Quantitative Systems, we can actually help clients find the right consultant by taking a multi-pronged approach to the search for the right consulting talent. Our employees are human capital experts that bring in knowledge and experience that is directly related to human resources and how to optimize labor and management to increase job satisfaction, job performance, efficiency, and profitability across all levels of a company. Our in-house consultants are our first choice approach for clients who are looking for consultants to help take their business to the next level.

Our in-house consulting services are focused on human capital and include:

  • Compensation insights
  • HR analytics
  • Employee training
  • Expert speakers
  • Mentoring
  • Interviewing
  • Career development
  • Career coaching
  • Interview coaching
  • Expert witnesses
  • Corporate outplacement assistance

Contract consulting services

Of course, if we cannot offer the right expert for your scenario from one of our in-house consultants, we have a huge pool of talent at our disposal. While our primary focus is on helping businesses find long-term placement employees for their businesses, we are also happy to use our network to help clients locate the right consultants to help them grow their business or meet any existing business challenges.

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