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We fill the difficult positions.

The higher the skill level and the great the qualifications, the shallower the pool of potential applicants

For hiring specialists, this can be daunting because they may feel like they simply do not have enough qualified applicants for the position. At Quantitative Systems, we are happy to fulfill the headhunter role. We do not just look for candidates that are actively seeking job placement, but also at successful professionals in the industry. This helps us identify the right candidates for senior placements and executive-level positions. If you need high-level management, executives, directors, or C-Suite candidates, we will scour the field to find you the best of the best.

Tech needs highly-qualified entry-level employees, too

Tech differs from other industries in one critical way; oftentimes, the qualifications and experience of even entry-level employees are critical for the company’s success. You want to feel confident that you can hire technical employees who are ready to step into the job with little on-the-job training and supervision.

We can help you find the most qualified:

  • Site Reliability Engineers
  • Cloud Engineers
  • Front End Engineers
  • Back End Engineers
  • Software Engineers
  • Full Stack Developers
  • Technical Project Managers
  • Development Managers
  • Business analysts
  • Production Engineers
  • Database Engineers
  • Data Engineers
  • Mobile Engineers
  • Product support
  • IT Support or Helpdesk Employees
  • Systems Engineers
  • Network Engineers

People skills are critical

Working with tech companies, we have also identified that for many in the industry, the Achilles Heel is client-facing roles. This makes since, because many tech innovators are more familiar with products and product development than they are with sales or raising capital. We can help you identify the right candidates for jobs that require more than technical proficiency and we can provide the guidance you need to successfully integrate these candidates into your corporate culture so that you can grow your business. While sales and account managers are the most obvious examples of client-facing positions, we can also help you find professionals with experience in:

  • Talent Acquisition
  • Technical Project Management
  • Business Development
  • Sales Management
  • Account Management
  • Technical Program Management
  • SEO Management
  • Content Creation
  • Technical Relationship Management

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