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We find the best tech talent available.

We can find the talent any business needs to succeed

At Quantitative Systems, while we specialize in tech, we are happy to help any employer find high-quality candidates.

  • Market Research. Even if we have never helped place a candidate in a particular industry, we use our market research skills to determine key factors that help us identify the right candidate for a job.
  • Benefit Comparisons. We look at candidates performing successfully in similar roles across the industry to help you create a portrait of the ideal candidate, as well as looking at compensation and benefits to help you attract high-performing talent to your organization.
  • All Disciplines. While different industries all have different job specifications and needs, we can use the same type of industry-research to help identify the right employees for the job.

We form long-term relationships with our employer partners

What does this mean for you as an employer? Long-term satisfaction with job candidates that are identified and hired through Quantitative Systems. We are so good at finding the right candidates for tech positions that most of our business is due to returning clients, happy with prior candidates that we located for them. In addition, our clients have a 98% overall retention rate for employees that we have identified, demonstrating that we are great, not only at identifying job candidates with the right technical qualifications, but also at helping you find the right employee for your company culture.

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